Camp Agape: Kids’n’Cancer Auctioning off Air Max 90 Premium 


Bidding Starts at $200 — Auction Ends Sunday, May 19th 2019

To place a bid email

Current Bid: $300 (04.19.19 at 9:01am )

Shoe size:  Men’s 9  //  Women’s 11


Inspired by Doernbecher Patient Emory Maughan (Stage IV Kidney Failure)

“When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being able to fly just like Peter Pan,” says Emory. “Now, I dream of having a kidney that works. I just have to stay positive and wait for that day to come. If you dream hard enough, anything is possible.”

Diagnosed with Stage IV kidney failure, Emory has a long road ahead of her. But with the whimsical image of Sasquatch riding a unicorn, a star feature of her custom AIR MAX 90 PREMIUM, Emory is here to show that anything is possible when you believe.

“A long time ago when people had kidney disease, they said that survival wasn’t possible. Now it is,” she says. “Before I came along, Sasquatch riding a unicorn didn’t exist. Now it does.”

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